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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you rent partial week in the summer?
A. No. We only rent weekly Saturday to Saturday in June, July and August. However, we rent partial week with a minimum of 3 nights off season

Q. Do you rent to High School Graduates?
A. Yes, with written contract and signed by the group and their parents agreeing to our rental policy, which is posted on our website

Q. How do we check in?
A. Your reservation, check in and check out is handled by one person, Yvette. Once you booked your reservation with her, she will email you detailed instructions and meet you at the unit you booked.

Q. Do we check with an office when we arrive to Ocean City?
A. No. We make it easy for you. Just go to the unit and Yvette will meet you at the unit you booked and gives you the keys and parking permit.

Q. Is there registration fees?
A. Only for the high-rise units i.e. Golden Sands and the Quay, which goes toward building managements and giving you a free parking space. We, yOceanCity do not charge any fees.

Q. Do we get a free parking space?
A. Yes. You have one free parking space per unit except at Yellow Bird unit, which you get 2 covered parking spaces.

Q. Could we get extra parking space?
A. Yes. You pay the building management for an extra parking. We recommend that you purchase your extra parking space at time of arrival, as you might find free street parking space.

Q. When do we get back our refundable security deposit?
A. You should get back your refundable security deposit within 2-5 days after the check out if the unit is left in good condition per our instructions and no damages were found.